Our new Advanced
Mars Habitat

See Our Habitat Yourself

Use the interactive demo of our Mars habitat and learn more about it’s look and structure. 

The Habitat In Numbers

Designed by a team of the greatest space engineers and architects, the habitat is built to stand tall against the Severe weather conditions on Mars, but still guarantee excellent performances for the crew.

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Solar Panels On Site

Transportation On Mars

Say hello to our top-notch mars rover. With 6 wheels, strong build and powered by both gas and solar energy, the rover can carry up to 8 astronauts and take them to as far as 100KM. 

A pair of solar panels provide power for the rover’s systems and can go from zero to fully charged in 6 hours.

The head of the rover is separated to 2 floors – 2 drivers on the bottom floor, and 6 passengers on the top.

The storage trunk can keep supply in goodform for a week and has additional space for equipment.

The wheels are strong and perform well on a rocky surfaces like Mars’. Designing the rover with 6 wheels makes it more stable.

The rover has a strong outer shield inspired by military tanks to keep it safe from rocks and other risks.

The Luxury Life ON MArs

The fact the habitat is the first structure ever built on a new planet doesn’t mean it won’t be luxurious. We designed the habitat to be as comfortable as it can be for the astronauts who are coming back from a rough day outside.