the Future Of
Humans On Mars

Why Are We Going

Since the beginning of the human race we’ve always aimed for the adventures in discovering new and farther areas. As technology developed we managed to go deeper into the universe. Mars has always been a mystery for us because of it’s similarity to earth. Recent discoveries, studies and inventions made it possible to create a new human culture – this time on Mars. Humans are few years away from becoming a multi-planet species. We will be the first to achieve this enormous milestone. 

Our Mars PLan

Crew Selection is Done
Commercial Ticket sales start
Crew Training Start
rocket construction finished
2 Cargo Ships Launch
First Human Mission Launch
First Human Steps On mars
First Commercial Launch
July 2018
August 2018
January 2019
November 2019
April 2022
January 2024
July 2024

Our Training Program

Before making history and discovering the unknown you’ll need to be prepared. Our training program makes sure all of our martian astronauts are ready to survive together in extreme conditions and unexpected challenges.

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Program Syllabus

Low Gravity Life

Performance In Low Gravitational Conditions

Mars’ gravity is almost a third from earth’s gravity. Life in low gravity conditions is much different from what we know and has many influence on the human body. You’ll train to operate in mars reduced gravity.

Become A Martian Pioneer